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Stone pebbles

Rocks: Something a little more refined.

At first we thought the same as you are probably thinking now, “Why would you buy rocks off the internet?”. It’s not snobbery, some people just like nicer rocks, especially if they are gifting them. Most of the people that fall into this category just like the fact that they can buy a perfectly smooth,

Where do you get your rocks?

A question we always get asked is… Where do you get your rocks? Everybody, everywhere Well to some it may be obvious, but not to everyone. There are so many places to acquire rocks. Once you have depleted your garden, we find the best place to source regular supplies of rocks and pebbles is the

What paint should I use?

As you are obviously using RockFun acrylic paint pens to do your fantastic designs, I will assume you mean what paint should you use for large areas, or for base colours. This all depends on your preferences (and age). Of course you can draw your design straight on to a rock, but many designs can