Rocks: Something a little more refined.

Stone pebbles

Rocks: Something a little more refined.

At first we thought the same as you are probably thinking now, “Why would you buy rocks off the internet?”. It’s not snobbery, some people just like nicer rocks, especially if they are gifting them.

Most of the people that fall into this category just like the fact that they can buy a perfectly smooth, shaped rock without sorting through a bunch of broken ones covered in sand and gravel. You can buy some great stones for arts and crafts.

This is our guide to “perfect” rock purchasing.

River Stones, Super smooth, Flat surface.

River stones are known by many names, Zen stones, Mandala, Sea Stones, Shell stones, Beach stones to name a few. These are the best stones to BUY in my opinion. They are flat and smooth they make painting a breeze. Remember to always check what size you are ordering.

Shapes, Hexagons, Discs

Yes you can actually buy stones that are cut into beautiful shapes, nice and flat. These make great little gifts. You can even use them to make some Xmas decorations or very unique gift tags.

Have you thought about using wooden discs? RockFun paint pens are great for use on wood. They are a much cheaper alternative and weigh a lot less so postage is cheaper too. They also come with pre-drilled holes if you want to make hanging decorations.

An advantage to buying these rocks (and wood) is that they turn up on your doorstep ready to go. No washing required. So get ready to paint.

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