Stone pebbles

A note from Oliver, the 12yr old brain behind RockFun.

Hi there big, wide, scary world; my name is Oliver and I’m 12 (when I wrote this). I live in a little village in Surrey and go to a normal school that I love. I enjoy playing video games, but have tight time limits so I don’t get to play much – come on!

I wanted to start my own company for a little while and my dad said to make sure that I do something I enjoy because I could be doing it for a very long time… if I’m lucky. Therefore I started RockFun, painting and crafting, two things I love doing. Please help me out and buy a pack of my pens, you won’t be disappointed.

My favourite lessons at school are Art, Food Tech, Computing and Maths, although I’m not very good at Maths the environment (and teacher) are nice though.