Where do you get your rocks?

Where do you get your rocks?

A question we always get asked is…

Where do you get your rocks?

Everybody, everywhere

Well to some it may be obvious, but not to everyone. There are so many places to acquire rocks.

Once you have depleted your garden, we find the best place to source regular supplies of rocks and pebbles is the local garden centre. A big bag of ~50 various sized pebbles will set you back ~£5, that’s just 10 pence per rock.

If you can’t get to a garden centre or maybe can’t manage carrying a sack of rocks to the car, you can also buy them online. Make sure you know what size you’re ordering so you don’t end up with a bag of tiny stones.

Remember, your rocks do NOT have to be a perfect rounded shape. We love getting our hands on some broken ones, or lumps of flint. In fact broken flint gives a very smooth face to paint (just be careful of sharp edges). Never neglect an odd shaped or broken boulder, they make great projects.

Some Rules:

Never take rocks from someone else’s garden, public parks or even pebble beaches. It’s actually against the law to do so, you may think it fine, but if a million people have the same thought, then we’ll have a national coastal management crisis on our hands. I’ve been learning about Longshore Drift at school, not a thrilling subject I must admit but it has made me aware of this problem so I know all about this.

Stone pebbles

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