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Christmas Rock Painting

It’s Christmas Rock Painting time. I think we all agree that 2020 has been a real disappointing year for just about everyone. Now that we have Halloween out of the way, there is little else to do whilst lockdown continues, so what can we do? How about we put together some Christmas rock painting ideas

Odd Shaped Rock Painting

NEVER dismiss a rock for not being a smooth, rounded pebble. This is a mistake, trust me. Odd shaped rocks inspire the imagination, when I see a rock thats been broken or has jagged edges, I look at what it can be rather than throw it out as useless. Some of the best lumps of

In the beginning…

RockFun in the beginning was started in 2019 by me, Oliver, a 12-yr old entrepreneur based in Surrey, England. It all began as something fun to do with my mum and dad back in 2019, we’d paint rocks and hide them. It then grew to a little community in our local area, and then I