Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take rocks from the beach?

Taking beach rocks and pebbles is actually illegal. It is classed as stealing and if everyone started doing this then there could be environmental issues as the rocks are there to protect the land.

Should I add googly eyes or glitter?

We suggest not, the plastic will pollute the environment.

Can I send you my rock design?

Yes, we encourage it. The best place to share them is via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Let everyone see them and share some love!
Please remembed to say WHERE you found it as some rocks have travelled the world.

I’ve found a RockFun rock, now what?

Our ethos since day 1 is, if you find a rock it’s completely up to you what you do. You can keep it for a while (or forever), you can re hide it, you can gift it, you can replace it with your own design, you can share it, you can shout about it. Really anything!

Where should I hide my rocks?

There is no right answer here, but following feedback we suggest the following guidelines to hiding rocks.
Be respectful where you hide rocks; No graves, private gardens nor inside shops (unless given permission).
Hide rocks at a child’s eye level where possible.
Try not to hide in the grassy ground as lawnmowers complain.

Where can I get rocks from?

Once you’ve emptied your garden, the best place is a local garden centre where you can pick up a big bag of ~50 pebbles for around £5. See our page on this subject.

What paint should I use?

We have a whole page dedicated to this question, but we respectfully ask you use water based paint due to environmental issues with oil based paint.

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